Lenovo IdeaPad U300S Ultrabook Full Specs Description

IdeaPad U300S Ultrabook, In-class notebook market share ultrabook be more exciting. Various manufacturers are already racing to prepare a series ultrabook each and will be marketed in the near future. The manufacturers do not want left behind to go into this class. Until today only, there are already some of the major manufacturers ultrabook are present in the market. One is Lenovo IdeaPad U300S. Find more fully ketengan below.

Lenovo IdeaPad U300s using aluminum casing that looks very attractive and solid. This ultrabook casing feels less solid as it seems. The connection between the casing is not too tight. We were a little disappointed with this ultrabook casing, considering Lenovo products are present in our test table always has a casing that is really solid. Another thing that is a little disturbing from the casing IdeaPad U300s casing is cut edges were sharp as we hold, although not actually look sharp. It makes us feel less comfortable when holding it. Lenovo IdeaPad U300s offered in two colors, Graphite Gray for your professional and Clementine Orange For you who put style.

Notebook specification can be said to be very high compared to other ultrabook products that have been circulating in the market. Ultrabook uses an Intel Core i7 Voltage and Ultra Low 2677 for a 256GB SSD. The process of booting Windows 7 to be very fast thanks to the use of this SSD. To open an application that is installed on the SSD also be very fast. In addition to the read and write faster, SSD is resistant to vibration to minimize damage if shocks storage when traveling carry.

With a 13.3 inch screen size, making the Lenovo IdeaPad U300 is very convenient to carry. Its dimensions are not too big, but Lenovo seems to still not be able to make a series of products as thin ultrabooknya ultrabook other brands. Although still thick, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s still feel comfortable when you have to take him to travel because it weighs only reached 1.3kg.

Talking about the display, this notebook uses a glossy screen would be a bit annoying if you use it outside the room with a blazing sun. The screen will capture the shadows around you. However, you can minimize this by raising the level of brightness. Viewing angle is also quite good because the screen does not change the excessive degradation of color when viewed from the left and right. Degradation of the display will change color when you see it from above.

Completeness of features

For completeness of the port, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s providing the right port and USB2.0 USB3.0 on the left. With the USB3.0, transfer data to external storage will take place quickly without having to wait for long. In addition to the two USB ports, on the right you will also find an HDMI port, so you can connect to a LCD screen TV to get a larger view. On the left, you'll find a button to perform recovery if one day your operating system problem, you just follow the instructions that will appear on the LCD screen of this ultrabook. May seem minimal, but this is ultrabook port.

Ultrabook part in this exciting look with cast aluminum with matching colored Graphite Gray exterior. When you look at Lenovo's official website, to Clementine Orange color has a black finish and looks very interesting. For the keyboard keys, Lenovo still carry the chiclet keyboard is slightly curved at the top, typical of Lenovo. When we use for typing, the keyboard feels very comfortable and soft. I like the keyboard, which carried by Lenovo this time is the Ctrl and Fn keys follow the design of most other notebook keyboard, so you will not be any pressure.

For the trackpad, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s using a large size and function of left and right click together. With the size of this trackpad, your hands will be free to move when doing multitouch gestures. For left and right click, though united, will not make you have to adapt, because it feels like a trackpad in general.

In the sales package, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s comes with a charger that is small and a simple power cord so there is no excuse for you not to take it.

System Performance

The combination of Intel Core i7 ULV processor and the SSD is embedded in the Ultrabook Lenovo has made us a little stunned. How not to benchmark the performance of the resulting Sysmark 2007 showed that the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s ultrabook can be equated with a notebook that uses Intel Core i7 processor non-ULV. With these results a variety of top class applications can be run on this ultrabook smoothly.


Browsing 5 Tab: This online test using FireFox browser and refresh a website alternately with a predetermined time (example: A website refresh of 30 seconds, 40 seconds refresh website B). We use a variety of websites, ranging from mild to use flash in considerable amounts.

720 Movie 1080 Movie WMV and MOV: We simulate to get the battery life when a notebook is used for watching movies in a variety of resolutions and the results we get using the log-time applications.

4000mAh Battery power was only able to turn this ultrabook for 5 hours more to watch movies HD720 and can live for 4 hours during a browsing continuously through WiFi. Good enough in our opinion, but if you are traveling do not forget to include the charger into your bag.

For the Game

You can play many 3D games on medium setting and a specific resolution. Values ​​obtained make us want to know more performance than the Intel GMA 3000 graphics are.
Apparently, the Lenovo IdeaPad U300 reliable enough to play the game Left4dead on native resolution on medium settings and FPS are obtained up to 30, despite being near the lower limit.

To play the game Left4dead 2, it looks like you have to give up under our test resolution (800 × 600) with a setting that does not get high to remain above 30 FPS.
In the game Resident Evil 5, you seem to be able to play at a resolution of 800 × 600 at Low setting, if not then the FPS will be under 30 as in our tests.

Final opinion

With dimensions of being and includes a thin, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s an option to be reckoned with in the classroom ultrabook. account should be in here is if you are looking for a ultrabook which have very high performance and still be able to play games, then your choice is the Lenovo IdeaPad U300 is. With the specifications on offer in this ultrabook, we bear you can run different applications on medium to very smoothly. Although it uses the Intel GMA graphics, but is still capable enough to play 3D games at a resolution and a specific setting.

If the exact price is above average, but if given the quality of performance you would definitely say that this is a reasonable price. Would seem cheap when you are satisfied with the performance offered by this Ultrabook.

Specifications Lenovo IdeaPad U300S

Intel Core i7 processors 2677M 1.8GHz 4MB L3 Cache
4GB DDR3 memory
Intel GMA 3000 Graphics
13.3-inch 1366 × 768
Interconnection 802.11bgn wifi and Bluetooth
USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0, HDMI, Audio In / out
Card reader
4000mAh Battery
Weight (kg) 1329
Charger + Weight  1543 Kg

Lenovo IdeaPad U300S Ultrabook Full Specs Description

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