Notebook Asus U46S Full Specifications Description

Specification Laptop - Notebook Asus U46S complete description can be found here that explore in depth to the information for you and worth a consideration.

Notebook with aluminum material and a circular line pattern typical silver-colored aluminum that stands out on the LCD screen lid. The dimensions of this notebook is not too special, this product has dimensions like a notebook with a screen size of 14 "other. Use of an aluminum casing with a slightly thicker type makes this notebook feels a bit heavier than the similar products. However, the ingredient that makes this product very solid feel strongly impressed. The back of this notebook has great hinge design. With these forms, the overall look of the Asus U46S and yet again coupled with 8 cell battery protruding at the bottom. With the dimensions and weight carried by Asus U46S, this notebook feels less comfortable to be invited to work in mobile.

After seeing the casing, it's time to see the specifications of this notebook that carries the specification is quite qualified to play 3D games on the setting and the specific resolution. Before you look further on this notebook.

Specifications can be said to be promoted to run up the middle alpikasi well. With the use of NVIDIA discrete graphics 540M series, this notebook can play 3D games well enough. Later this notebook can serve not only as a means of work, but also can be a fun machine for your entertainment.


Asus U43S using a glossy screen. It will be a little annoying when used outdoors or a room with light is too bright. However, you can minimize this by raising the level of brightness. Viewing angle is also quite good because the screen does not change color gradation is too excessive when viewed from the left and right. The screen will change color gradation when you see it from above.

Completeness of Features

Port provided on the left and right sides of the Asus U46S can be quite complete with a USB3.0 port. You can transfer data from external USB3.0 storage very quickly. Existing HDMI port can be used to move the notebook display to an HD TV with 1080p resolution. You simply provide the HDMI cable (and TV, of course) to move the view.

Chicklet keys given model is quite large. Unfortunately, the enter key was still small and often make mistakes when we do press it several times. Fortunately, the keys are quite soft when pressed that is guaranteed to make the user does not fatigue when typing in quite a long period of time.

Trackpad is given quite narrow so it will annoy users who often do multitouch gestures for making finger movements to be not free. While the left and right click functions quite soft and no noise when pressed.

System Performance

Performance Asus U43S considered above average because the combination of Core i3 processor combined with a larger DDR3 memory. In addition, the use of the NVIDA graphics card, GeForce GT 540M to boost the performance as a whole. With these results, you can run multiple applications smoothly middle to upper and play 3D games smoothly.


Browsing 5 Tab: This online test using FireFox browser and refresh a website alternately with a predetermined time (example: A website refresh of 30 seconds, 40 seconds refresh website B). We use a variety of websites, ranging from mild to use flash in considerable amounts.

720 Movie 1080 Movie WMV and MOV: We simulate to get the battery life when a notebook is used for watching movies in a variety of resolutions and the results we get using the log-time applications.

From the test results, this notebook successfully demonstrated considerable resilience to the battery only 5200mAh. Watching movies with a resolution of 720 can run continuously for 5 hours 9 minutes. You can also browse relentlessly through a WiFi connection for 4 hours 56menit.

For the Game

In the game Left4Dead, a combination of CPU and GPU make this game run very smoothly at native resolution and high settings. It made us begin to make arrangements 8x MSAA. Apparently, the results are very comfortable to play because FPS rate is above 30 FPS.

For the game Left4Dead 2, the results are quite satisfactory. You can run this game smoothly at native resolution and still be able to turn 8xMSAA.

Game Resident Evil 5 also can run smoothly at a resolution of 1360 × 768 with high settings with 8xMSAA lit. FPS gained still comfortable on the eyes either in DX9 and DX10.

In this racing game, you'll likely have dreamed of using DX11 settings because it can not run smoothly on High and Ultra settings. You can still play this game smoothly in DX9. In DiRT2, if you make arrangements at the Ultra, the game will automatically run on DX11. However, if you do the following settings, the game will run on DX9.

Final Assessment

If you're planning to look for a device powered laptop for work and play 3D games, then the Asus U46S can be a consideration. With the dimensions and weight are not too friendly to be invited to the survival of mobile but offered this notebook is quite good. Asus notebook for mobile invited U46S is also quite strong because the casing used to use aluminum material is thick enough so that it feels solid when we hold.

Spesifilasi Basic Notebook Asus U46S:

Processor Speed ​​2.1GHz Intel i3 2310M 3MB L3 Cache
3GB DDR3 Memory
750GB SATA hard disk
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 540M Optimus
A 14 "1366 × 768
Interconnection 802.11bgn wifi and Bluetooth 3.0
USB 2.0 port, USB3.0, HDMI, D-Sub, Audio In / out, Ethernet
Card reader
Operation system Windows 7 Home Premium 64
5200mAh Battery
Size (mm) 333x245x24.6 ~ 27
Weight (kg) 2316
+ Charger Weight (kg) 2536


Notebook Asus U46S Full Specifications Description

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