Intel Celeron B815: Notebook Processor tight And Cheap

Intel Celeron B815
Specification Laptop -  Processors Celeron B815 for notebooks with low prices might be a question mark how the resulting performance at a low price market.
You will find several brands of notebooks that use these motorized machines B815:
Elipse Zyrex LW4843.
Toshiba Satellite C640-1085U.
Lenovo G470-1378.
PresarioCQ43-414TU HP.
Neon Axio HNW C 612.
4352-B812G32 Acer, Acer 4349-B812G32.

Types classified as standard notebook with these specs: 320GB Hard Disk, 2GB DDR3 RAM, DVD RW and a 14 inch.
Of all processors other than Intel Atom, Celeron is the lowest class that has a Sandy Bridge architecture design and have a good performance and efficient.
B815 Celeron does not have QuickSync and hyperthread of weakness but no effect in most applications.
Has 6 EU Integrated Intel Graphics that look similar to the desktop HD 2000. Memory speed 1.6 GHz 2MB cache.
B815 Celeron processor similar to AMD mobile processors and AMD E-450 E-350.


This notebook is capable of carrying out minor works by using standard software: Adobe Photoshop, MS Office and others.
B815 processor pretty tough, proven beyond Mamou Intel Dual Core T4500 Intel Pentium 6200 and close in performance.
CPU performance to compete with AMD Liano.


3D games you can play here, but with the lightweight class, if heavy games like Battlefield you can not expect to be able to play with this processor.
Gaming performance is almost the same as AMD and AMD E-450 E-350.


Battery life when using ASUS X44H B815 Celeron processor can last 4 hours of continuous browsing and to be able to survive 3 hours 20 minutes was obtained.
If only to type survived up to 5 hours.

Final opinion

Celeron B815 includes both performance even with lower specs.
Intel's performance is almost the same as the P6000 series and better than the old dual Core T4500.

For the student or the student is a viable alternative, because with limited funds can get it.

Intel Celeron B815: Notebook Processor tight And Cheap

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