Fujitsu Lifebook E350 AMD PH521 | Full Specs Details

Fujitsu Lifebook PH521 with a detailed description is below that help you find information in detail.
This notebook has the dimensions and weight are quite heavy. Fujitsu Lifebook PH521 on our review this time, we will invite you to see a notebook in this price range. Fujitsu Notebook has a dimension and weight that is comfortable to carry mobile.

Lifebook PH521 has a shape and dimensions are, with 12 inch screen size. The combination of the three was considered convenient to use do the work in the office. The casing of the Fujitsu Lifebook PH521 using glossy finish and are offered in several colors and one of them is red. Incidentally review this product using the color red. The combination of these bright red color with black makes this notebook looks very interesting.


This notebook uses a glossy screen would be a bit annoying if you use it outside the room with a blazing sun. The screen will capture the shadows around you. However, you can minimize this by raising the level of brightness. Viewing angle is also quite good because the screen does not change the excessive degradation of color when viewed from the left and right. Degradation of the display will change color when you see it from above.

Completeness of Features

On the left and right of Fujitsu Lifebook PH521, you will find some ports, such as USB2.0, D-sub, ethernet, and audio in / out. This notebook also features an HDMI port that will be very useful if you want to connect this notebook with a large LCD TV, so you get a bigger screen and satisfactory when used to watch full HD1080P.

The keyboard on the Fujitsu Lifebook PH521 using the classic type is comfortable to use even though this notebook has a 12 inch screen form factor. When we use for typing, the keyboard feels soft keys and ergonomic enough. On the trackpad that uses the red glossy finish that we think are sized trackpad is not too big so it will be less inhibited when you do multi-touch movement.

System Performance

Performance offered by AMD Zacate E350 that came to be a notebook power source is sufficient to run multiple applications with the middle and lower smoothly enough. You still can run commonly used applications of computer users "write using Word, browsing, or accessing the site with a flash" with fairly smooth.


Browsing 5 Tab: This online test using FireFox browser and refresh a website alternately with a predetermined time example: A website refresh of 30 seconds, 40 second refresh B website. We use a variety of websites, ranging from mild to use flash in considerable amounts.

720 Movie 1080 Movie WMV and MOV: We simulate to get the battery life when a notebook is used for watching movies in a variety of resolutions and the results we get using the log-time applications.

This notebook managed to show considerable resilience, for browsing using WiFi data path can last for nearly 3 hours. To run the movie HD720P can last for 3 hours more.

For Games

ATI Radeon 6320HD which converge on the Brazos processor was not able to produce high value enough to run 3D games. If you want to play 3D games smoothly, you must obtain a minimum value of 3000 in 3DMark 2006. However, the score is much better than the Atom (dual core even once did) that only the range of 150-155 values ​​only.

Final opinion

Medium and thin with dimensions of Fujitsu Lifebook PH521 can be the right choice at the same time fun to mobile. Besides having a thin thickness and light weight, this notebook has a screen that is quite ergonomic to use. The screen is 12 "will not make your eyes tired when used in a long time. This notebook offers performance was good enough to run applications smoothly enough, although secondary to performance is not too far from previous series. Fujitsu Lifebook PH521 also can be a satisfying entertainment machine to run the HD 1080P movie.

After further discussing the above before, now you read the specs of this notebook.
Specifications Notebook Fujitsu Lifebook PH521

E350 AMD processor 1.6GHz 1MB L2 Cache
2 GB DDR3 memory
Hard disk 320 GB SATA
GraphicsAMD Radeon HD6300
12-inch display 1366 × 768
Interconnection 802.11bgn wifi and Bluetooth 3.0
USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, D-Sub, Audio In / out, Ethernet
Card reader
4400mAh Battery
Size (mm) 285x209x32.9
Weight (kg) 1447
 Charger + Weight  1.682 kg

Fujitsu Lifebook E350 AMD PH521 | Full Specs Details

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