Acer Aspire 4738z Full Specification Details

Acer Aspire 4738zAcer notebooks - Acer Company production of notebooks with Acer Aspire 4738z with the name of the system to adopt Intel Dual Core Series P. Intel Dual Core Series P be the replacement of the processor series Intel Pentium Dual Core is abbreviated PDC. P series processors actually classmates with Core Series i and the difference is the lack of Turbo Boost and Hyper Treading.
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14 Inch Screen Acer 4738z and can be set on the size of 1366 pixels x 768 pixels. You can mnyambungkan with wide-screen LCD TV for 1080P HD quality watch movies and be able to run smoothly.

Acer Aspire 4738z


Design Acer 4738z using Bordes motif on the back casing with finishing the LCD is black and the inside so that the display becomes charming.


The battery can last for more than 4 hours.

Performance Results

Acer Aspire 4738z performance of high-series processors including P. Performance is able to match that produced the lowest series of Intel Core i3 with two threads used on Sysmark Benchmark. Performance that produced quite well for middle and upper-class applications.

In the transcoding result is able to finish very well.

Graphics used on Acer 4738z Intel HD types and able to become a medium of entertainment for you to watch movies with 1080P HD quality is very smooth, but for 3D games can be said to be minimal.

Acer Aspire 4738z-speed DDR3 2GHz memory capacity of 2GB and an Intel Dual Core P6100 Series. While the available memory capacity of 320GB hard disk was large enough to accommodate files and your data.
Acer Aspire 4738z

Completeness of Features

Fittings are provided for HDMI and portdi put it at the right and left body. If the hard disk is still lacking dissediakan you want to add capacity and better brought to the service center, because at the bottom of the cover is divided into several sections.

Water Lily used the keyboard is comfortable to use. For image processing are provided with multi-touch trackpad for easy navigation.

Final Conclusion

With Intel Dual Core Processor is in use in Acer Aspire 4738, was able to compete with Intel's Core i5 class. and able to assist your daily performance and can also be a medium of entertainment and this series could be categorized into intermediate level.

Specifications Acer Aspire 4738z

Installed Operating System: Free Dos
Processor: Intel Pentium P6100, 2.0 GHz, 3MB L2 cache
Chipset: Intel HM55 Express
Screen: 14 Inch (1366 pixels x 768 pixels)
VGA: Intel HD Graphics
Memory: 2GB DDR3
Hard Disk: 320GB
Connection: Bluotooth, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, Web Cam (1.3MP), Card Reader (5 in 1), Ethernet
Optical Drive: DVD RW
Battery: 6 Cell

Acer Aspire 4738z Full Specification Details

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  1. can we upgrade the RAM in this model ? how many slots are available for RAM ?