Notebook Asus N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition Full Specification Details

Asus N43SL Jay Chou Special EditionAsus Notebook - Asus N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition is a limited product on the market. Asus notebook full name is Jay Chou N43SL Special Edition is taken from the name of the artist from Taiwan are multi-talented. The author lived job as a song, singer, musician, director and movie player.
In the field of music has been awarded the World Music Award four times, the 42nd Golden House Award and others.
The accomplishments it has achieved a special edition of the Notebook Asus makes Jay Chou.

The screen used a 14 Inch 1366 x 768.
On the cover of the LCD screen you will find a motive chnese porcelain and Baroque inspired design. Hanrest sheet music on there (secret) and signature. Special edition on the keyboard is also designed with a unique motif baroque style.

Asus Notebook N43SL this entry in the type of entertainment with a thickness similar to other notebook-sized 14-inch.
There are two color options to choose from: glossy black and gold.

This laptop can be a comfort to you for the excellence of the sound issued, the speakers are mounted Bang & Olufen made.

Asus N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition


4GB of DDR3 memory with Sandy Bridge processors 2nd.
640GB hard disk memory to store various data files are quite large which is served here.

System Performance

Asus NVIDIA GeForce GT540M N43SL use NVIDIA Optimus and its completeness. NVIDIA Optimus is useful to improve battery life and will be active on a game that requires a graphics card or application.
For middle and upper application capable of running smoothly.

Asus N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition
Test Game

NVIDIA GeForce GT540 with you can play a variety of 3D games well.
Play the Game Unigine Heaven and Lost Planet DX11 future with low settings at native resolution.
Play the Game Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 by setting high-resolution native and being able to run very smoothly.
Play the game Racing in DX9 settings to get the sport is perfect and do not use DX11 because the resulting image will be broken.

Completeness of Features

Asus Notebook N43SL Port USB 3.0 provides that in the right place at the front with eSATA and USB combo no.
For hard diskatau SODIMM memory upgrade also has been provided in some of the equipment module and the cover can be opened easily.
Convenient to use the keyboard keys with a great design even though it is too close.
Speakers using speaker production of the famous Bang & Olufen located at the top of the keyboard with a good performance.


Capacity 5200mAh battery which is served.
The battery can last 3 hours for browsing using Wi-Fi as well as open up 5 tabs. And can last 4 hours more to play 720p video

Final Conclusion

With a captivating design and the special edition of the famous multi-talented artist from Taiwan as well as in providing speakers from Bang & Olufen.
Graphics processors are used and are able to run your work activity and also the entertainment media such as 3D games and more.


Design special edition and completeness of the given Asus N43SL arguably attractive. Coupled with the use of Bang & Olufsen speakers that we feel quite qualified to give a pleasant sound in the hearing. Performance graphics processor and enough to make this notebook can be used to work and be a good entertainment machine for playing 3D games or view multimedia content HD1080P. As an entertainment class notebook, Asus N43SL will satisfy your eyes and ears.

Spesifikasi Notebook Asus N43SL Jay Chou
Asus N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition
Processor: Intel Core i5 2430M, L3 2.4GHz, 3MB Cache
Operating system: Windows 7 (Professional, premium, home basic)
Chipset: Intel HM65
Screen: 14 Inch 1366x768Pixels
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M Optimus.
Hard disk: 640GB Sata
Memory: 4GB DDR3 expansion up to 8GB
Networking: Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11bgn
Web Cam: 2MP
Optical Drive: DVDRW
Port: USB 3.0, USB 2.0, D-sub, HDMI, Ethernet, Audio out / in.
Battery: 5200 mAh
Weight: 2.408kg (+ charger: 2.771kg)

Notebook Asus N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition Full Specification Details

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