Asus ET2700INTS AIO PC Specs: 27-inch, Touch Screen, Intel Core i7

Asus ET2700INTS
Asus All In One PC - Asus presents the series AIO PC products (All In One PC) to meet the needs of people who want a compact PC product in the space you are using the touch screen feature. Products with the touch screen feature appreciated by the public because of the use of flexible, from Mobile Phone / Smartphone, Tablet and PC.
Let's look at reviews and full specs Asus ET2700INTS below.

ET2700INTS Asus AIO PC using a 27-inch screen (touchscreen) and a resolution of 1920x1080 Full HD. Size was determined to be used to play games, watch full HD movies and browsing. The resulting sound when watching movies or listening to music is very good, with additional external Sub Woofer wrapped with black matte and flat shape,
Screen Touchscreen on ET2700INTS make you comfortable when using for playing casual games and browsing.

Dimension ET2700INTS Asus AIO PC is quite big, but the size of it because of the screen size 27 inches and the thickness is fairly balanced.
How to install Asus ET2700INTS is easy, open the box and pull out and then plug the adapter cord that comes and do not need to install anything else. This product will not waste space on your premises and also equipped with sturdy legs.

Asus Series AIO series is unlike any other, because it uses high specification, making this product as a 3D gaming engine is powerful, and capable multimedia machine.

Asus ET2700INTS premium features is the presence of an assortment of ports and other equipment are embedded at various places (Rear, right, left). Optical Drive Blu-Ray and USB 3.0 port, D-Sub, HDMI is also available diperangkat.
Series AIO looks neat with the placement of the port side section quite well with support cover.

The sales package Asus ET2700INTS given: Wireless Mouse, Keyboard. Mouse provided a medium-sized, if your hands are large, we feel uncomfortable and need to buy a bigger mouse. The keyboard is comfortable to use and is provided with a form on the chicklet keys. And also provide the Windows Media Player.

Asus sound ET2700INTS feels very good when you use the music plays. and be able to play 3D games run smoothly with certain resolutions and settings.


The performance offered by the Asus ET2700INTS able to run applications smoothly onto the middle class and the processor used is not the mobile version.

Electric power consumption

Users do not have to worry about electricity bills swell, because the device is very economical. And users can prove yourself with regular Desktop PC today.

Performance NVIDIA Ge Force GT450

NVIDIA GeForce GT450 performance results are very nice, being able to run a variety of 3D games at certain resolutions and high settings. Such as:
- Left4 game series Dead and Resident Evil 5 was able to walk smoothly on FPS numbers 30 and above with high settings and a resolution of full HD.
- Series game DiRT2 able to run smoothly, but the lower resolution of 1 dipengaturan hrus. If not done, then the 30 FPS rate can not be achieved.

Transcoding Asus ET2700INTS running quickly using CUDA, for Quick Sync feature is not found. Possible lack of Quick Sync feature for not using NVIDIA Optimus.

Final Conclusion

Asus ET2700INTS provide an alternative solution for PC users with limited space, but high performance and has a large screen. And being able to run a top-class applications.
Various jobs you can run with a AIO series from Asus, and fun entertainment for you. Because the variety of 3D games can run, Full HD movie quality, and a good sound system is supported with an additional subwoofer good quality. AIO series is also economical electrical power, so no need to worry about the cost of electricity to swell.

+ High specification
+ Touch Screen, Big Screen, Full HD
+ Low power consumption
+ Blue-Ray
- Large Adaptor

Specs Asus ET2700INTS AIO PC

Processor: Intel Core i7 2600, Speed ​​3.4GHz, 8MB L3 Cache
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Screen: 27 inch, 1920x1080 pixel resolution
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT540
RAM Memory: 8GB DDR3
Memory Hard Disk: 2TB SATA
Connection: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, USB 3.0 port, USB 2.0 ports, eSATA, HDMI Port, Antenna, Ethernet, Audio In / Out, Web Cam, Card Reader.

Asus ET2700INTS AIO PC Specs: 27-inch, Touch Screen, Intel Core i7


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