Asus Vivo Tab RT And Vivo Tab: Mobile Dock In Windows 8 Tablet

Asus Vivo Tab
Asus is now introducing a new series of tablet products that it manufactures under the name Vivo Tab. Taiwanese technology companies further strengthen market position in technological gadgets in the world.

Tablet-sized 11.6-inch, resolution 1366x768pixel, and use the screen type Super + uses processors from Intel's latest Atom processor series. available storage capacity is also pretty, which is: 2GB of RAM, which supports the 1024 level Wacom Digitizer and Internal Storage 64GB eMMC.

Asus provides another option for users with products Asus Vivo Tab RT to support a 10.1-inch, and screen type Super +, Quad-Core processor Tegra 3, GPU Core 12 and 32GB eMMC internal storage capacity. For the same RAM capacity Vivo Tab above.

Vivo Series Tab has advantages on Windows 8 Operating System, as well as features that popularized Mobile Dock Asus over Transformer Tablet. In this design there is no more hybrid devices on Android, but the user can feel pangalaman Ultrabook with similar designs. When you hold will Ultra-thin, and weighs about 675g.

Features Mobile Dock using Qwerty keyboard, 2 USB port, Trackpad, a 2MP camera on the front that can be used to chat, 8MP camera on the back with LED flash and autofocus features, Sensor NFC, and the extra battery that Asus tablet last longer.

Currently Windows 8 tablet market like Microsoft Surface product gets a new rival.

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Asus Vivo Tab RT And Vivo Tab: Mobile Dock In Windows 8 Tablet

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