Processors AMD Richland Successor of AMD Liano and AMD Trinity

amd richland
AMD Processors - Development of a processor so fast spins, recently heard about AMD AMD Trinity Liano and forwarded. Now prepared another new processor as his successor, the AMD Richland.
Richland is in contrast to AMD AMD AMD Trinity and Liano:
- AMD Trinity intended for desktop and will be available around the end of 2012.
- AMD Liano and is intended for mobile APU second generation.
- AMD 28nm fabrication and Richland with a third-generation APU.

In Richland AMD CPU Turbo has features which consist of Core Technology Quad Core and Dual version of the Core.
Until now there is no news for sure whether to use the new architecture: "Steamroller", or use as the Trinity, the "Piledriver".

You'll get something interesting on this Richland AMD processors:
- Support for DDR3 memory capable of running at 1866 MHz.
- There FM2 connector as used on the AMD Trinity.
At Unit GPU graphics card that uses the family still Sea Island Graphics Card AMD HD 8000 series.

For version has features Quad Core Dual Graphics with 384 Stream Processors.
While the unit is equipped version of the Dual Core GPU with 128 Stream Processors.

Richland AMD released two final quarter of 2013 and will compete with products from Intel "Haswell" 22nm processor when it launched.
And we will wait for the market response of product competition Richland AMD VS Intel Haswell to come.


Processors AMD Richland Successor of AMD Liano and AMD Trinity

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