Windows 8 For Tablets With Sensor Technology

Windows 8 Tablet
Operating system Windows 8 is a continuation of Microsoft products with various features to support the use of these devices, such as Adaptive Brightness feature with Ambient Light sensor through. With these features can be in optimizing the use of tablets to save power, comfort while reading, and when used outdoors.
Windows 8 is not only on the tablet platform, but can be used for notebooks and PCs.

Accelerometer sensors in windows 8 is added as in the other tablet products and you will find different technological features of the product before the Sensor Fusion, and it is a combination of Gyro Sensors, Magnetometers and Accelemeters. Microsoft to ensure the introduction of the natural movement of the combination of these technologies into a system with nine sensors.

Windows 8 TabletWhen the screen orientation of tablet used will be determined by the operating system that communicates with the accelerometer. Microsoft provides direct support to integrate security motion sensor on the application developer.
On the application of games, Augmented Reality, and compass navigation system, the sensor is very useful.

Windows 8 TabletSupport the other is for developers who use sensor technology from Microsoft will have the support of strict guidelines for hardware developers Tablet. Guarantee a high standard of decisions taken for the tablet with the base Windows 8.

For the Developer has provided Certification Kit by microsoft for them to try artificial tablet features windows 8.

Next-generation tablet with windows 8 will be filled with interesting features are implemented and we wait for his presence.


Windows 8 For Tablets With Sensor Technology

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