Notebook Samsung Series 7: Gaming Notebook With Intel Core i7 3610QM

Samsung Series 7 Notebook
Notebook Samsung-Samsung Series 7 is a gaming notebook with a specialist. At present a minimalist design with a striking yellow color combination, as well as using a 3D type of display, and save considerable labor force.
The screen is used quite large, measuring 3.17 inch, 400Nit and Full HD 1920 resolution 1080 pixels. The display screen is quite clear and the choice of colors other than yellow are also provided to the user.

Samsung Series 7 is powerful, with the support of AMD Radeon 7870M Graphics Card, 2GB GDDR5, so the game play that requires high settings can be played at these 7 series.
Using the IVY Bridge processors Core i7 3610QM Quad Core 2.3GHz and capable of producing speeds up to 3.3GHz speeds can be increased by using the Turbo feature.

Gaming Notebook is suitable to be left at home, because weighing 3.81Kg and the user can make the replacement desktop.

Samsung Series 7 Notebook

For connection has provided a wide range of features:
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI port, Jack Out / In, Web Cam and more.

Price Samsung Series 7 is on offer at a price of $ 2643. The prices were fantastic in my opinion. But if you look at the embedded features Samsung's Notebook, I think the price was reasonable.
Wait for further review and specifications Samsung Series 7 Notebook at another time.

Notebook Samsung Series 7: Gaming Notebook With Intel Core i7 3610QM

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