Asus Slimbook Specification, Thin and Cheap Notebook

AsusAsus Notebook - users desire to have a thin notebook cheaply realized. Asus understands the company's market share would desire to have a gadget that helps the everyday work, but at a cheap price. Asus released a product with the name "Slimbook".
Is on offer in this notebook is higher specifications than netbooks, but parallel to the netbook price.
Slimbook netbook market position for the future?
Let listened Asus Slimbook concise review below.

Slimbook using a screen size of 14 inch, Resolution 1366x768 pixels and weighs less than 2kg.
Design at present is quite thin, Casual and Stylish. So it feels light to you take it outdoors activities and offer premium quality compared to netbooks as well as the latest technology.
There are different kinds of designs are offered a choice of colors as the user desires: Dark Blue, Pink, Lime Energetic and Ice White.

Asus provides a new feature in this Slimbook series, namely:
- The technology that makes the Palm Rest Icecool in cold conditions when used in a long time.
- Space Touchpad broad and smooth, making it easier for users menlakukan Multi-touch.
- Chicklet keyboard is soft, so when used typing feel comfortable and not tiring when used in a long time.
- Features audio Slimbook Sonic Master Audio technology ari manufacturer Altec Lansing.
- Features Asus Splendid is also available which is useful for presenting visual clarity.
- Instant On feature that allows you to resume within 2 seconds in standby mode and can last up to 2 weeks.


Type: X301A / X401A / X401U
Processor: Intel B815 / B960 / B970,
                   i3-2350/2370 (X301A / X401A).
                   AMD C60 / E450 (X401U)
Chipset: Intel HM70 / HM76 / AMD A68
Screen: 14 inch. Resolution of 1366 x 768
Memory: DDR3 1600MHz 2GB / 4GB (X301A / X401A).
                 DDR3 1333MHz 2GB / 4GB (X401U / E450).
                 DDR3 1066MHz 2GB / 4GB (X401U C60)
Storage: 320/500 / 750G
Output / Input: VGA, Audio, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, RJ45, Card Reader
Dimensions: 331.2x226x3.23-26.5mm (X301A).
                       341x235x3.23-26.5mm (X401A).
                       341x235x3.23-24.0mm (X401U)
Battery: 6Cell, 4400mAh
Weight: 1698g (X301A). 1850g (X401A). 1760g (X401U)


Asus Slimbook Specification, Thin and Cheap Notebook

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