Google Chromebook: New Processor Sandy Bridge

google chromebook
Google Chromebook-device introduced by the latest computer technology giant google that as the operating system that carries Chrome Sandy Bridge technology from Intel and Samsung to collaborate with the production company.

Applications online store via Chrome is used by google and the amount to be produced until there is currently no specific data. The first 3 months will be sent to the United States about 50,000 according to the source of the Institute of Analysis of the IDC and other information from the Institute for Analysis chromebook Gartner estimated 300,000 units to be shipped.

google chromebookThere are many sides to this Chromebook diparbaiki on google:

- The device is claimed to be a computer capable of running up to 2.5 - 3 times faster than previous products because the operating system chrome has been updated.
- The GPU also has been improved and tweaked the system so that the javascript can be effective again.
google chromebook- The quality of the Google Cloud Storage capacity drives to the user in managing documents easier and the position of the user can edit files offline in Google Document and file will be stored automatically in sync. This is very useful in addressing the problem earlier because of limited capacity at the google chrome internet is not connected.

In order for a more affordable price Chromebook, while the available storage capacity of 16GB, Google added Google Drive.

To come will be the authors present a comprehensive review of Google Chromebook for you.


Google Chromebook: New Processor Sandy Bridge

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