Toshiba M465 notebook: Intel Core i3 370M. Full Specifcation Details

Toshiba notebooks - Trademarks Toshiba is known around the world and become one of the leading companies in the electronics field and is currently the author of the review of the Toshiba M465 notebook to you with a variety of features that has been provided here.

Toshiba M465 notebookScreen and Design

Screen size 14-inch M645 with less resolution of 1366x768 pixels.
Presented quite a unique design, which uses a texture similar to fish scales with a prominent black dove with a combination of finishing and closing piano section handrest LCD screen.

Completeness of features

On the right, left and front of the body Toshiba M645 has provided a variety of ports:
- Optical Drive Slot.
- Express Card to add 3.0 port.
- ESATA, combined with one of the USB 2.0 port.

Model line up chicklet keys on the keyboard using the LED backlight that you can use when in a place of light Mim.

for the security of the notebook that does not want, M465 has been accompanied FingerCard placed in the middle of the right and left click.

Speakers are used on Toshiba M465 uses of the manufacturer Harman / Kardan with the charming sound because it uses a subwoofer is placed over the keyboard, so the result sounds very good to play movies, music and play games.


48Wh capacity battery capable of providing security notebook for 3 Hours 53 Minutes at the time of Wi-Fi on and connected to the network. When you use outdoors should carry Charger.

System Performance

Toshiba M465 notebook
Toshiba M465 uses Intel Core i3 370M and the 2.4GHz speed with 2GB DDR3 memory capacity. For data storage space has been provided on the Hard Disk 500GB, is large enough to store various data files for you such as data files, music, games, movies and others.

Toshiba M465 uses NVIDIA Graphics GT330M, although lagging behind the latest generation of graphics, but you still can play 3D games with this notebook.

Although using NVIDIA GT330M Graphics was able to run applications as middle and upper well in the test using Sysmark 2007.

Use of the GPU with CUDA able to finish encoding with pretty good results and faster performance compared with the performance of the CPU.

NVIDIA GT330M performance on this notebook capable menjaankan well with 3D games and certain resolution settings.
Example of game;
- Resident Evil5 Game can be played in DX10 can be perfect, but if you use DX9, then the result is less convenient.
- Game Left 4 Dead can be played quite well with the native resolution with high settings.

Final Conclusion

Toshiba M465 notebook suitable for use by professionals when viewed from its physical appearance. What is interesting in this notebook is the LED backlight on the keyboard that can be used in a room with less light. Fingerprint security system is a magnet for securing data on the notebook.

+ Port complete.
+ Graphics tough to play the game.
+ Backlight LED on the keyboard.
- Battery life is longer because of less use NVIDIA graphics.
Toshiba M465 notebook

Specification of Toshiba M465

- OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
- Processor: Intel Core i3 370M. Speed ​​2.4GHz 3MB L3 Cache
- RAM: 2GB DDR3 1066
- Hard Disk: 500GB 5400RPM
- Graphics: NVIDIA GT330M
- Screen: 14 inch 1366x 768
- Connection: Wi-Fi 802.11bgn, USB (3 pieces), eSATA, HDMI, D-Sub, Audio out / in, Express Card, Ethernet, Card Reader (4 in 1)
- Web Cam: 1.3MP
-Optical Drive: DVDRW
- Battery: 10.8V 48Wh

Toshiba M465 notebook: Intel Core i3 370M. Full Specifcation Details

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