Asus U36J: Screen 13.3 "and Slim Full Specification Details

Asus U36J
Asus Notebook - Asus notebook product U36J presence to cater to users who want a device that is light and thin notebook. So you have no reservations in bringing traveling. Today many notebooks competing in the thinness of the design to appeal to users who do not just rely on a feature, but also highlighted the design lifestyle.
Follow the following review to determine completeness of the product U36J presented.

Screen and Design

Presented on the screen measuring 13.3-inch notebook with a 1366x768 resolution, with a thickness of about 19mm. Glossy type of screen used and it is a bit of weakness on the screen, because there will be shadows that bounce on your screen and a little disturbing. To reduce or minimize the interference you can increase the brightness. Viewing angle U36J including good, because when viewed from the right and left about the same as when you look at the screen. But when you look down and up, will change the color degradation
When you open the screen, then you will find a comfortable and spacious room includes a keyboard.

Asus U36J
Design an elegant black casing and silver color with aluminum characteristic striped texture.

Asus U36J
Asus U36J


3070mAh battery capacity to survive in a time of 4 hours. Battery life is no longer available is because the capacity is small.

Completeness of features

Asus U36J
Asus completeness U36J namely: USB port, HDMI is useful to connect the LCD TV. Location of port is easily accessible because it is located on the right and left.

Chicklet keys on the keyboard and ergonomic looks like there are additional buttons: Home, PgDn, PgUp, end 0, which is useful in order to process the data and browsing much easier on the Asus notebook screen size 13.3 ".

When the key is depressed will feel soft and extremely useful if using typing in a long time. You will easily do the multitouch trackpad area because of space.

Asus U36J
Asus U36JPerformance

U36J Asus uses an Intel 2.53GHz Core i3 380 and the speed with 4GB DDR3 SODIMM memory space. Asus notebook has not been used and still use the Sandy Bridge Intel Arrandale.

With slim dimensions, but where to store 500GB of data on the hard disk that can store various multimedia files and data files you freely, because it provided ample space on your hard disk.

NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics that is used to run a variety of 3D games with certain settings. Although the entry under the NVIDIA GeForce 300M series, 3D games can run smoothly and be in the count for your entertainment media, even without high settings and native resolution.

Use Axpress Gate to access various multimedia applications such as opening files and browsing without going into windows, how: simply press the power button located on the right. Shutdown and Start Up Speed ​​Express Gate is less than 5 seconds.

With Sysmark 2007: The Asus U36J performance with an Intel Core i3 380M, middle and upper-class applications can run smoothly.

Transcoding process goes quickly and if the application used supports CUDA, the transcoding process will be faster.

Final Conclusion

Asus U36JAsus comes with a dimension U36J thin and lightweight, making it easy for you to take it. Screen with a medium-size and comfortable to use. A soft keyboard makes your typing activities in a long time is not exhaustive. For your entertainment, 3D games can run smoothly. Arrandale processors used and not on the processor or the 2nd generation Sandy Bridge.

+: Jayar size is
+: The thin dimension
-: Heavy Adaptor

Specification Asus Notebook U36J
Asus U36J

Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 380M. Speed ​​2.53 GHz 3MB L3 Cache
Chipset: Intel HM55
Screen: 13.3 inch. 1366x768
Hard Disk: 500GB SATA
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 310M
Connection: Bluetooth V2.1, Wi-Fi 802.11bgn. USB (3 fruits), HDMI, D-Sub, Audio Out / In, Ethernet, Web Cam, Card Reader (5 in 1)
Battery: 14.4V 3070mAh
Size: 322 x 232 x 19
Weight: 1.17Kg (+ Charger: 1.5kg)


Asus U36J: Screen 13.3 "and Slim Full Specification Details

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