MSI GT680 Full Specification Details

Notebook MSI GT680 is the commentator now with excellence in the Gaming with 16GB of storage capacity, this is a large capacity that can run multiple applications faster, of course. Let's read the full completeness of the features below.

MSI also includes two storage media, the 120GB SSD and a 500GB hard disk with 7200rpm spin. We can not imagine the performance of this notebook MSI GT680 later because the first thing we can test scored Sysmark 2007 benchmark test with high scores.

Screen and Design

MSI casing design model still provides a shield to cover LCD screen. You can still find a hexagonal-shaped dragon skin motif at the bottom. The dimensions of the MSI GT680 version of this SSD and the inclusion of the adapter is still a bit big so hostile to carry around. Processors and graphics cards installed are still the same, namely Sandy Bridge Intel Core i7 and NVIDIA GTX460M. Gaming notebook this one uses a 120GB SSD storage to run the system and the operas of 500GB hard disk with a rotational speed 720GB for data storage media. In addition to the charming storage specification, MSI GT680 version also uses DDR3 SODIMM memory of 16GB which is run on Windows7 Ultimate 64bit.

Completeness of Features

You will find a variety of ports on the MSI GT680 is. All ports are scattered on the left, right, and rear. On the right you'll get two USB3.0 ports on the back and you'll find an eSATA port. Unfortunately, Express card slot mounted on the hard disk version of the MSI GT680 notebook omitted in this version.

Handrest part still carries the same design from the previous series, dragon skin motif on the left and right trackpad with a hexagonal shaped lamp indication at the bottom of the trackpad. Trackpad has multi-touch support. Click the button comes with a large cross-sectional area. It feels soft keys, so that your fingers will not get tired while using it to play. For you gamers would often use the keys W, S, D, and A. These four buttons are used to playing FPS games and some other genre. MSI marks the fourth button with different colors, namely orange.

In sound, the MSI GT680 rely Dynaudio with THX. Speaker is proven to provide a neat sound, good for watching movies or playing games. Speaker has a large enough size. You'll find the speaker is slightly above the keyboard. You will also find a subwoofer at the bottom of this notebook.
At the top of the keyboard, you will also find a variety of shortcut keys, ranging from the WiFi, Bluetooth, Power Management, LED Manager, and buttons to adjust the fan speed. You will also find the Turbo Drive Engine, or better known as instant overclocking. You can use these keys to improve notebook performance.

Inside the MSI GT680 version of the SSD

Just like the MSI GT680 version of the Hard disk, we also disassemble the notebook to find out what version of the MSI GT680 put this SSD. Inside you will see 2 for storage, a 500GB 7200RPM hard disk unit and 120GB Intel SSD. SSD is used to run the operating system and applications, while the hard disk is used as data storage media. If you feel the performance of the notebook is still lacking and the money is not a problem for you, you can replace the hard disk with SSD and RAID-0 to practice in this notebook.

Apparently, you can also replace the existing graphics card. Graphics card is not embedded directly in the motherboard, but only in the form of a card that is installed in the PCIx slot.
CPU and GPU cooling system uses a notebook-sized heatsink is equipped with heatpipes wide.


MSI GT680 is equipped with a battery capacity of 7800mAh. With high-added specifications that include the use of two storage media, of course, that there is battery power can be reduced quickly. Battery with the capacity to create the notebook is running for 194 minutes or the equivalent of 3 hours 14 minutes.

Intel 128GB SSD Performance System

SSD devices leave the hard disk with a different value is very high. Apparently SSD Kingston has a slightly higher speed than the Intel SSD, but the difference is you can not feel in everyday use.

System Performance NVIDIA GeForce GTX460M

In the final result by using the 3DMark 2006 benchmark, see the resulting figure is so high that it can be ascertained MSI GT680 graphics can run many 3D games smoothly. We also added a process using the 3DMark 11 benchmark because the graphics card is NVIDIA GTX460M can run DX11.

For the Game

When using the game Lost Planet and Unigine Heaven. We also weighed NVIDIA GTX460M with tessellation feature. Feature Tesselation is a lethal weapon for the graphics card because these features will create a 3D image is more prominent. These features will drain the power of GPU and CPU.

When playing the game Lost planet, you can still adjust the settings of this game at native resolution with low DX11 future. In the benchmark systetis Unigine Heaven, you can see the results obtained by setting high reached only 17.8 FPS on normal benchmark setting.

In the game Left4Dead, a combination of CPU and GPU make this game runs very smoothly at high settings and native resolution. It made us begin by setting 8x MSAA. It turned out that the results obtained are still very comfortable to play because FPS rate is above 50fps. Game Resident Evil 5 also can run smoothly at high settings at native resolution with 8xMSAA future life, gained FPS because FPS is still comfortably in the eyes of the lowest at 43.8 balustrades.

In the category of racing game is done setting the benchmark in native resolution and ultra settings. The results showed DiRT2 can run smoothly in DX11, so we enable 8xMSAA. FPS setting is lowered to below 30FPS performance. If you still want to turn on AA, then you have to lower some settings to High or lower the AA to a lower value.

Final opinion

Performance can be generated by the SSD version can be said to be like a big dragon. How could I not, the resulting performance of the system configuration installed in it is able to provide high performance and will certainly satisfy you always use the applications and gaming heavyweight.

Besides performance, the MSI GT680 also offers casing no less captivating to the LED in certain parts. LEDs can also be adjusted via LED Management. If money is no object, you can replace the hard disk with SSD with capacity and the same features and RAID-0 to practice to get faster performance.

Weight did not seem like a problem, because usually a lot more gaming grade notebook into a desktop replacement, but of course you can still take him to attend a LAN party. In addition, battery life is also quite capable turn this notebook up to 4 hours for outdoor use. The problem is, will you carry this notebook charger along with nearly 4kg weight more? The choice is yours.

Those advantages are:
Storage 120GB SSD
Full screen HD1080P
Sounds good
Ubtuk-powered graphics card to play 3D games

MSI GT680 Full Specification Details

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