Tips When Buying The Best Laptop

Tips When Buying The Best Laptop-Specification Laptop.
These are tips for you Before you buy Laptop / notebook you better first check all the features in the offer of such products so that you feel satisfied after buying it.
Tips and tricks listed in this keteranganya you need to see and hopefully help you.

Screen Size

One other factor is the size of the screen, if you watch DVDs and play lovers games dilaptop then choose a big screen, but if you are a mobile people are advised to choose a small screen, because the larger the screen the heavier the laptop, this is certainly bother you that is the mobile.

Operating System

Laptops now typically are bundled with Windows Vista as the operating system, but for that you have to pay more because the price windows vista muaahhaal enough. One way that the price of the laptop you buy is not too costly, you can fill it with Linux OS, but if you are lover of Windows but you do not want to pay expensive then the solution is to fill in Windows XP.


One that determines the laptop was slow or not is of its CPU, the processor for laptops in the market today there are two, namely AMD and Intel, with Intel's more dominating.

It is recommended to choose the processor speed as needed, if the laptop is only used for typing, calculating, and browse, then choose only the standard (under 2GHz), but if for photo editing, video editing and game play are advised to choose the processor speed above 2GHz.

VGA memory is large, with the memory of this is perfectly adequate for playing games in the market and run vista with aero features.

Note that, for the laptop first VGA memory is very bad, even though high-end class, but along with the times and the ever increasing needs of the user's laptop manufacturers now provide VGA memory WAH! and harnya affordable too.


Laptop containing Windows Vista OS is usually equipped with 1Gb of RAM, why? Because it is the Microsoft recommends that if you want to use vista with aero features, must be at least 1Gb of ram although still feel heavy: (so it's advisable for you who really want to activate the aero features and use a laptop for playing games, editing photos and video are advised to upgrade its a 2Gb. But if for typing-typing and browsing the internet aja 512 has also been more fairly.

Time Batteries

Of all the factors, which I think is most important, especially for those who are mobile because electricity is not always available in all places. Laptops in the market usually strong up to 2-3 hours, although there are up to 5 hours. If you are a mobile people are advised to choose a laptop with long battery life time, you definitely do not want to do when you're working and want the data sent via email, your battery suddenly runs out (until ...), even if you do not need to buy a backup battery just in case.

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Tips When Buying The Best Laptop

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